Wednesday, May 16, 2007

rubber mermaids sell booze

thanks to AJ for this scan from somewhere on the net. not sure how old it is or if the campaign is still running. just another example of rubber and fetish imagery used to sell stuff to a mainstream audience.

before the hard core latexistas out there tut-tut over this hijacking of images and their fetish, its glimpses of latex in a mainstream media sources when i was young that might of planted the seed to be where i am now.

meanwhile, i wonder if its possible to swim in a pool in a dress and mermaid tail like that? i bet they never tried it though rubaquagirl probably has..



jsan said...

you should be able to in fact one company makes a suit like that for people to dive in it's just another version of a wet suit

TheThinMan said... actually used to manufacture latex mermaid suits, and had some videos online of people swimming in them.

Luiz said...

Perhaps you like...

Isnt a latex tail I guess, but this guy made latex ones, and I think they are 'swinable'

Luiz said...

And look the relateds

Really interesting! What of Barbie Mermaid?

Anonymous said...

As far as I coulod recall that ad is from the mid 1990's