Monday, May 07, 2007

screen grabs of angel as doll

thanks for CS for these.

even if i can't download the episode, these give a good feeling of how it all went in the episode.

and please please, don't hesitate in sending in any images, links, artwork or video. i may have seen them but i'll post what i can and if it fits.

what whould be really good is anyone who frequents deviant art and hypnopicts collective to send links in as i can't get everywhere and those are brilliant places for dolly / fetish imagery.



Dosman! said...

We used to have these video clips on the LMC, back in the day. I'm surprised you didn't see them.
If I ever come across them again, I'll send them your way!

Anonymous said...

Great screen caps ... thanks for posting them!

greneker03 said...

doesnt aol have the entire episode in their video category?

EL_Refresho said...

AOL does have the video, but it does not work with anything but Windows+IE I believe.

If you really want to see the video (I recommend it), it is available via Netflix, and you may luck out and find it at Blockbuster/Hollywood Video.