Friday, May 18, 2007

a video with alot of fetish elements

i was waiting for the plastic to suck her in like a vac bed. want her wig too...



sick puppy said...

A vac bed would have been too much... Anyway, finding some fetish touches here and there is nice, isn't it? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ehh, it was a cute video. Until I turned the sound on. o_o

What is up with Spanish pop singers and yodeling the lyrics? *lol*

But still, a vac-bed would have been too much...and it would have kept the yodeler--erm, singer--from doing her moves, which is where some of the charm of the thing comes from, seeing her move in the outfits.

(and the Robert Palmer/Addicted To Love homage was a bit much...hasn't *every* band on the face of the earth done their riff on this?)

Still, the video is easy on the eyes. ^_^ --Brad Poe