Sunday, May 06, 2007

those tv moments that stick in your head

and may very well be the seeds of your fetish - whatever it maybe.

here's one which i've never seen but it sounds as good as the Get Smart mannequin one which definately is a strong and erotic memory and was possibly the start of my mannequin fetish:

mother goose is running for his life at fulll dvd quality thanks to AOL here

sadly it doesn't work at all on my mac and safari.

feel free to post what its like or some frame grabs.



JLeer said...


In the "Angels" episode, Cheryl Ladd dresses up as a ragdoll at the very end. (She's trying to blend in at the toy factory they're staking out.) It's only a few minutes, and here's a link to some screen grabs on an FX makeup website:

JLeer said...

Link is:

sick puppy said...

Have you tried Firefox? (Don't know if it works, the page told me the clip wasn't available at my area. Quite absurd that of "areas" on Internet, if you ask me)

Anonymous said...

The two pivotal TV/movie moments that started me in this direction are the famous doll scene from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," (thanks youtube for this one) and the Gilligan's Island episode where the evil doctor tricks all the castaways into wearing rings that make them into his remote control robots. The memory of Ginger and Mary Ann standing at attention and speaking in monotone voices still gives me chills.