Saturday, May 26, 2007

a girls goes into an alternate world

and she goes all anime styled with a mask with huge eyes and stripey tights.

i remember seeing the video several years ago and i don't know the name of it. i bet its on you tube

can someone post a link?


thanks to brad - here it is on youtube:


Anonymous said...

I don't have the link but know *exactly* which video you are talking about. ^_^

It's from the band AFI, from their song _Girl's Not Gray_. Try different spellings of gray/grey and searching with and without the apostrophe if the video seems hard to find.

Essentially, the *song* is rather mediocre college-radio rock, not amazing but not offensive to the ears either. And the *Images*, Dear GOD....

I remember this video because it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl every *time* I watch it.

Without spoiling too much...the girl follows a "rabbit" into another world, and when she gets there, she's dressed in a lightweight EGL/Alice Dress style (stripey tights, corset, poofy dress and blunt shoes).

And her head, hair, eyes and face look like a full-head plastic kigurumi mask...with one exception. During the full-resolution video you do see her mouth open and her lips *move* as she appears to A) talk to the "rabbit" and B) change facial expressions. Between that and the *very* glossy shine on the hair, head and face, *I'm* led to believe that some manner of latex- or vinyl-based makeup was used, along with plastic eye lenses, in place of the mask.

I have had others tell me they think it's all computer-generated though, and they may have a point as the "rabbit's" facial features are also animated. They also point to the overwhelming use of red/blue tones and no green ones as a clear sign of green-screening images in.

But's LOVELY eye candy, it's good enough to haunt your wet dreams for years, and well...I *still* think the effects could have been done entirely in wigs and makeup. ^_^

Hope this helps. --Brad Poe

Anonymous said...


You mean this one?


Asudem Latex said...

yes thats it!! posted the direct youtube video now


Anonymous said...

HEEHEEHEE !!! Ohh. Myy. GAWD! She's. Liieeeek. KYOOOOT!!

(*slaps himself stupid, regains a few points of IQ here*)

^_^ Wowwy. ^_^

That's it all right. I was concerned there that maybe you had gotten the *short edit* of the video that focused entirely on the band....but you didn't. Yay!

And the video itself looks amazing for YouTube. Must have something to do with the color palette making the file smaller. ^_^ The only real flaws in image quality are when the band does their jumping "rock-star" moves, there is a bit of blur there...and of course at the end with the cherry blossoms.

But yeah...the girl. ^_^ Wowwy. I *sooo* want to hold and kiss that face until the plastic *squeaks*, you know? Or at the very least play some serious dress-up....

Well done and Thank you! I needed that. --Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

You do realize that they used special effects make-up to transform the girl in the video. I'm going to duplicate the effect in my next video.