Friday, May 11, 2007

tori amos's 'Doll Posse' and one of them likes

rubber.... alot it seems.

thanks to lt (a good friend from england) for sending this in;

"i was watching tv in england last night and the singer tori amos was on a chat show and she talked about her new album (American Doll Posse) and for the album she dresses as 5 diffrent women its mildly doll like - the one i like the most is pip as she told everyone on tv pip likes rubber.

you can see them are tori amos wearing rubber tights i don,t know if she got a thing for rubber well she lives in cornwall in
england most of the time so she might go to westwardbound with out people knowing or her stylist told her to wear them yes rubber tights do seem to be starting to go mainstream i just hope to see more women in real life wearing them as
a normal thing"

after a bit of googling i found some more links to a general article on doll posse here.

the part about pip explains:

"Pip (ExpiraTORIal), who represents Athena, swaggers her way through the driving "Teenage Hustling" and duets with Santa on the rollicking "Body and Soul." "Pip, being the warrior that she is, does confront issues and sometimes it's explosive, but I really love her energy and her casual approach to rubber," Amos says."

here own homepage is here and some songs can be previewed here.

seems all the characters have their own blogs too... so you can post and comment to your hearts content. so far no mention of rubber on pip's site.

how much of a fashion leader is tori? will it push the fashion trend for latex leggings from the catwalk to a wider audience? does any of her fans know where to get latex leggings even?



SanderO said...

People who are followers and imitators of pop stars are very fickle and will change as their idol looks for a new hook to market their music. I hardly think that Tori Amos.. whoever she is will have much of an effect on fashion... as say Madonna did. She's just not the superstar Madonna is/was. Also not how people like Christina Aguilara change their image as often as they change their underwear. And she's not unique. These pop tarts are free to flirt with style and whatever gets some attention they will latch on to... but they don't want to be pegged because it seems to spell pop death.. always gotta be reinventing yourself.

That's so shallow and insincere and why I can't waste my time with pop tarts... and their style rubbish... Sorry

blackice said...

I saw that by accident too as i was channel flipping. She was sitting next to Jean Pierre DepaDieu and she did mention it at least two times. Seemed to be that characters defining aspect. JPD seemed to be big into it.

Not spotted any in the street. A fair number of black leggings and also various pink ones. None seem to be glossy yet.

Shooting TG Ball weekend next sat so will keep you posted on what i see. Didn't I send you the shot of the EGL I shot at an earlier TG?


Sick Puppy said...

I don't know if it can push the fashion trend for latex leggins. Could be, and that would be good, I guess...