Monday, May 07, 2007

i had an accident and i was forced too...

step up my own self training in latex.

i was putting on my cheap latex panties from denbar and i huge chunk came out of them. was able to wear them under my latex slacks yesterday, though they're definately now in the garbage.

so it left me with a delima - what to wear now?

about this time last year i had ordered both a latex body with short sleeves and back zip and a pair of similiar baby pink latex tights. it got really hot last summer so never really was able to start training.

with the ripped panties, i guess this means i start

and i have with the tights and from waist down i'm shiny light barbie like latex. ;-)



Luiz said...

Hello Doll!

First I wish thank you by the company you are talking about is fetisso. (

I know this and contact they. They had a nice price, but they only sell with a minimum number of itens... Also the people at don't say nice things about they.

Anyway I am sorry by your latex panties, but I am sure you will get more things to wear and soon as you think you will look yourself on mirror and will see a smoth body like a barbie!

I saw last post of a girl dressed like a doll and made me remember a lot of the Sitio do Picapau Amarelo. I know that I already say about it to you, but this season the doll-girl is wearing a corset. I downloaded a wallpaper so you can see, but unfortunately the pic is only the upper part of her. The link below is a youtube video of the opening of the show, Is like a cartoon, but the the actress wear the same clothing as the cartoon.

Kisses doll! And don't forget to wind up your key.

sick puppy said...

Looks like accidents can lead to interesting things...
Sure you look pretty in pink.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your panties. Now you need to train yourself faster.