Sunday, August 10, 2008

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after yesterday's discovery that this blog has been flagged or "complained against", i immediately set the options to over 18. now hopefully that will help with any future complaints or at least defer them.

i'm still trying to get a really good back up going. both the pc, mac and also the free online blogger back up programs and services don't seem to work. i have emailed them all as well as posted on bloggers forum about this. i think the reason is that the domain dollsrealm points to something else when you try to get into it. but thats just a guess.

anyone with more experience please chime in or email me. if your on a PC, feel free to back up the blog and let me know if it works. i doubt its very large and one PC application says it will even make a PDF file of the entire blog - that's almost a DollsRealm book. how cool would that be?



blackice said...

Hi Asudem

I was out last night so sorry for the delayed reply. I've called and asked my uber net geek friend to see if he can download it all and / or tell me how to do it myself. Hope to hear back from him today.

Seems to be more software on the PC to do this type of thing than the mac. I did get an error when I tried Webgrabber.


blackice said...

Ok, I've heard back from my uber geek friend and after a quick look at it (NSFW he says) he knows what to do - basically find the actual link to the blog beyond the approval page which apparently is running an interference and confusing all the downloading programs and the online backup sites.

So stay calm, its being worked on. Should know tonight UK time or by tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Say, is there anyway for to give you a cookie or whatnot to remember the fact that you already agreed to the understanding that, yes, this is a mature site, etc. It's kind of annoying to have to click on the button each and every time one wants to view a 'mature' blog. :-/

I've scanned's help pages, but didn't seem to be able to find anything about if such a setting is possible...

-Steve M