Sunday, August 03, 2008

pay to become a doll

after the world doll rendezvous and the new femskin sponsored forum there's also now the opportunity to pay to become a doll for a short period of time - if you can get to germany and have enough spare euro's to pay for your fetish that is.

the former large breasted Natalia of Natalia's Rubber Club website has had rebranding and is now a more descriptive (in some ways) "The Rubber Whores".

definately not safe for work (NSFW) although really its exactly the same thing as her original site which is where i discovered totally by accident that she now offers various weekend courses. the one that caught my eye is unsuprisingly The Rubber Doll Course. i asked for some more information by email and received exactly the same text back by return.

its brief description it explains what is on offer to participants:

- The rubber dolls' outfit - the perfect transformation into a rubber woman
- Feminization of your rubber body with breasts, pussy, corsages, etc.
- Strict rubber corset training and restrictions
- Rubberslut masks from elegant to strict
- The rubber maid's erotic make up
- Introduction into female-obsequious behaviour
- How to walk on high heels and ballet boots
- Introduction into rubber women's love and the use of toys
- Blow-job-training und anal variations
- Strict gynaecological examinations, also for virginity and period
- How to become a rubber prostitute
...and much more!

curiously when you look at the other two courses she offers you discover that they're pretty well the same thing as the doll one.

however if your looking for something more long term and you live in the eu or germany, then she's also looking for women to work full time with her... apparently orgasms are guaranteed.

personally i'd rather move in with the Rubber Sisters or get a job at a latex designers shop where i can also serve as their living mannequin.


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Anonymous said...

Well now, I just need to figure out the price of one of these "courses" and when/if/how I'd get to Germany someday.