Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wide eyed dolls

what would an anime character look like if she was a real live person? this Q is closer to being answered with the aid of Anime Contact lenses. thanks too l8x_is_gr8 who sent in the link to a very brief article on it here.

they are like normal coloured contact lenses but with the coloured irises being much much larger than normal ones, which then makes the wearer look more anime and doll like.

full information and ordering details (they one sale for 35$) is on the Shop crazy blog which seems to specialize in a range of odd beauty products i've almost never heard of.

definately something to add to my list ;-)



Anonymous said...

I just read the article at Inventorspot, and honestly, the trolls...ouch....

But aside from their cluelessness, yeah! ^__^ I've been waiting for this sort of thing a good chunk of my life. It's my opinion that this would be one of those "ultimate" immersion tools. That is, if you can get an entranced lady doll to wear the lenses, such that all she sees are glossy, shiny plastic eyes in the mirror...yeah, she'll be convinced she's a doll in or out of trance.

I know...some folks are going to groan about their Valley of the Uncanny issues. I hear you. I get this way with the faceless Zentai-hooded look myself. It's more or less genetic I hear, it can't be helped, no offense taken.

Still. This is a breakthrough for anyone seriously considering being a doll...or even if they are just looking for a sneaky way to announce "I'm into dolls, by the way".

If I were younger and maybe a bit skinnier, I might consider getting a pair myself. But...first things first, I have to clear my skin up and get *back* to fitting in my black pants again... *lol*...

(give it six months, tops...with the coming winter, the emo/gothic kids are *going* to be wearing these...bet on it)

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe (oh, and SQUEE! Shiny Plastic Doll's Eye Contacts are HERE!! *lol*)

Ballet said...

I'm like much contact lenses and wear myself too, not this wide one, but regular ones.

Even the regular ones change a lot you and are very fun to wear. Go for it you will like.

Lise said...

If you want to give this a go, www.colorlens4less.com got me two pair in about a week and a half. They are based in Hong Kong, have always given me good service and take Paypal. The pupil hole is HUGE so don't try to change your natural eye color with these.