Sunday, August 10, 2008

sensual pink's story archive

i remember when there was a time several years ago when fetish fiction was appearing on websites with the regularity of european trains, now its more like the local buss service.

saying that there's now a new update at The Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archive so go check it out.

meanwhile i've been revisiting various archives of stories and just found Sensual Pink's site. its not been updated in a long time and not sure when it will be again, however its still worth a visit.

one of my all time favourite fetish stories is her Another Day on the Toy Pile with illustration by MadBirdCZ. do go have a look at that and her other stories. do send her some feedback and support as its what keeps us all writing more.



Northern Chill said...

Kittara has been busy in r/l with stuff but she still pops her head in every now and then at Junction.

A shame more people don't write but that's how it is a niche dominated by silent lurkers.

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