Sunday, August 24, 2008

its not an exam: three part questions

i keep chatting to people in second life and sometimes on yahoo and find out that they are interested in latex so read this blog but for various reasons don't have any or even tried it.

so after a bit of mulling over a double espresso i came up with this poll. well its a series of polls. stop at the first one if the answer is YES. i'll do another one for latex wearers later.

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Do you own any latex clothes
Yes  No   

ok, so that was easy. now onto another simple YES/NO.

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If you don't own any latex clothes, would you like too?
Yes  No   

at this point we know that you don't own any latex but really would like too. but you've not taken the plunge. so here's some possible reasons why not. of course i might of missed some points which you can add in comments. you can click as many as options you like.

What is holding you back from owning latex?
I just like the photo's and don't want to wear it
Its too expensive for my budget
The quality is very questionable
There is no where to buy it easily
I'm not sure if I would look good in it
I have no where to wear it
I have no one to wear it for
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so thats it. i'll get back in a couple of weeks to see how readers responded.



Vidal Tripsa said...

Based on the idea that such a poll would be directed more at my puppeteer rather than myself, I sadly answer "no", then "yes". I have some leather and lycra, but nothing as fancy and shiny as that latex wot I love to look at. I do like the third question you posed, though. It's nice to look at my habits, or rather the lack of them, and find out what I can try to work on in order to get myself wearing it. Circumstances like not knowing if I'd actually look good in it, however, pose quite a large obstacle. That's one that takes latex wear from private pleasure to exhibition.

JosieChung said...

Nope, I gots no latex and would like to, but I don't have the figure for it yet. Maybe after another year of HRT and some more pilates, I'll have the confidence for it.

Delta Quintessa said...

I have latex, and I don't have the figure for it. I wear it because it is fun and feels good. If other people like how I look in it, so much the better!

Anonymous said...

Here's another possible answer:
Am not single and don't know how the better half would react (and am afraid of finding out...)