Sunday, August 24, 2008

a floaty dress of unknown designer and material

i was sent an email by ---- from the uk about the host on Big Brother which aired on last friday night wearing what they thought was a light latex or pvc dress and that it had definite EGL overtones. so i had a google and didn't really find anything on it till one forum for fans of the show complained that it looked like 'a bin bag' which translates to garbage bag - for those of you who don't have any British friends and have picked up the lingo. hmm thats how PVC is sometimes described so i better dig deeper.

after a bit of looking on a torrent site i was able to track down the episode and answer the question - no its not PVC or latex that Daviva Mccall is wearing; rather some sort of silk or nylon made in super light glossy weight. watching her on screen with this floaty very EGL styled top was mesmerizing. the video grab to the left really doesn't do it justice.

can any of you fashionistas point me to where its from? simply for better photos. i'd settle for tops or dresses like it.

and i wonder - just how hard would it be to reproduce it in light weight latex?


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WendyB said...

I'm impressed by your research!