Thursday, August 28, 2008

notes from Brighton

with some photo's were sent in by regular contributor Black Ice so rather that wait and see where they fit into future entries, here they are all now:

Hi Asudem,

Been noticing latex like leggings here on the south coast every day or so. Might be down to the number of universities and art colleges here and the new AA store. Shot one woman wearing the AA's with my camera phone though it didn't come out well enough to email in. On saturday there was a model-esque type yummy mummy sitting almost opposite me at a cafe in the super skinny leather jeans that are being pushed now as the next big thing.

Pink and primary coloured tights are also being seen around town and in window displays as per the attached Top Shop window. There's a doll-ish motif too it too.

Noticed the Strangers poster on one of the phone booths in town which is totally different from the one you posted. Here's a medium shot of the central part as well as the close ups of the two women's masks. Its not out in the UK yet.

Still waiting on my Skin Two Ball pass and I've checked its good for video too so I may be video the shows rather than shooting them. The Rubber Sisters aren't over to the Ball this year, however they mentioned plans to visit the UK in October. Will likely do a shoot or possibly even a video with them then.

Sorry still no local reliable model so the latex leggings aren't made and thus can't send the freebie pair too you. I'll keep you posted as things develop.


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