Saturday, August 30, 2008

its on the way!!!!

i had an email from Fantastic Rubber in the middle of the week to say that my; custom made, perfect fitting latex mannequin suit is on the way to me now.

thankfully they've also just posted a windows media video which you can download or view in a browser which illustrates how to get into the catsuit (NSFW).

i really can't wait and i've taken a few steps to enhance wearing it once it arrives.

a friend who is an avid and constant latex wearer in London is also a drama teacher and can stand motionless for hours... so she's going to train me to be able to be a living statue too.

the other idea that i'm playing with some time now and haven't done any real research into is to find a real mannequin head that a white plastic face mask can be made from. i guess this would involve a) finding the mannequin i like and seeing if its head size is similiar and then b) have a vacume formed mask maded from it. those star wars fans have entire storm trooper outfits made so how hard could it be?

it also struck me that mannequins feet are always arched. i'm not stuck that way yet with my heel wearing although the arch is definately becoming really much more pronounced now and shows no sign of flattening when i stand up. so i spent hours and hours on google trying to track down a pair of 5 inch or higher lucite wedges.

they're not really too hard to find as they are one of the new shoe styles that made a comeback, though its incredibly hard to find at a reasonable price. the expensive designers make them but the more mass market ones were only 4 inches. strangely Amazon turned out to be a good source for high heels. weird.

in the end i snagged a pair of Charles Jourdan Byblos1 lucite high heels with 4.7" overall height and a bit of built up base. yes i know its cheating but thats the best i could find at an affordable price using 'make an offer'. apparently they cost 425$ new and in the end i managed to pay only 65$ for them.

the heels should be higher but for now they'll do while i train standing still under the personal training from Rubber Roo.

and as some of you will know who have met me in Second Life - i do try and match my real life latex with SL versions. so for the last week or so i've been modeling at Powers of Creation (also known as *POC*) to get enough store credit to make me a matching latex mannequin suit. 

the suit that they have is pretty close but lacks the mannequin lines and is a skin so i need to have it made with my own makeup and facial details built into it.

do check out Powers of Creations blog here to catch up on the current news and competition winners. you can also buy a woman's super glossy catsuit for a mere L$200. a must for anyones second life wardrobe and of course just wear the super glossy latex tights with other ensembles.



Vidal Tripsa said...

Oh, I do love POC so! Great news that you're modelling there, Asudem. I shall have to pop in a little more often and try to catch you at it.

I'm sure that if you asked around, it wouldn't take too much effort at all for somebody to simply draw the lines of this outfit in, as underwear, say. That should slot nicely over the white catsuit 'skin'.

Anonymous said...

Hi there girlfriend, You are getting very close now to becoming the mannequin you have always wanted to be. I am envious. Please send pics of yourself in your favorite store window......or wherever you end up.I know you can't wait,you must be trembling with anticipation. meet me again in SL so we can pose some more together, and become you girlfriend, Maniquin Stepford

alphaxanon said...

Congratulations! I can empathize with the unterminable wait for a package to arrive...