Sunday, August 24, 2008

now for some french lessons...

many thanks to Dams Masatada in Second Life for pointing me towards two french sites which are somewhat like the KinkyGerlinky blog and forum. it's really great to find a deep vein of fetish news and fashion you've not seen before and then spend a few hours exploring it.

the first is Pas Vulgaire which features a considerable number latex like leggings pretty as worn by Rihanna, Fergie and Victoria Beckam. actually Rihanna seems to wear them constantly if all the photo's on the french site are anything to go by.

a fan filmed video of Fergie in her evern changing boots and constant latex-leggings-a-like is bellow. if you click on the direct link to youtube you can find some more footage of the concert which wasn't filled on a cellphone.

you can see why she swaps back and forth between super high heeled boots and the flat knee length ones as she cartwheels around the stage.

really no need for a deep knowledge in french for the blog as its mainly photo's and videos too look at. sadly not much in the way of fashion scans as i'd hope for as europe has all the best fashion magazines.

meanwhile for those more linguistically skilled you can pop over to forum fetc to explore the news and various finds just like KinkyGerlinky's forum. sadly my french doesn't extend as far as figuring out how to register.



Mundus said...

Good to see that I didn't waste five years learning the tongue of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys! To register:

1, Click on the banner.
2, Click on "S'enregistrer"
3, Click on "J'accepte le r├Ęglement et j'ai exactement ou plus de 13 ans"
4, Enter your details at the following areas:
Nom d'utilisateur: - Username:
Adresse e-mail: - Email address:
Mot de passe: - Password:
Confirmer le mot de passe: - Password (again):

The next area is a math question to make sure you're not a bot and then you will get a standard CAPCHA.

5, Click on "Envoyer"

Et voila! Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

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