Saturday, August 02, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

a photo sent in from a window in Prague, Czech Republic.

there's a story in there... or at least a subtitle, anyone care to have a go? a thousand words is optional ;-)


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Anonymous said...

[begins long caption]

Verity was going through the paces a 27-year old woman usually goes through before going to bed one night, one more lonely night:

Taking one last look in the bedroom mirror, she said, "Well, my butt's still good. I don't look that old at--"

She felt the light, the intense pink strobe hit before she saw it. Since she mainly caught the glare from the mirror, she merely saw spots before her eyes, instead of being blinded as usual...

So she could see herself twitch a tiny bit, spasm and vibrate as she kept trying to move, breath, scream, finish her sentence, the proteins of her flesh were seared and fused into longer and longer strands, tiny silken strands that tightened, cured, hardened and merged as she took on an unearthly glossy sheen...becoming plastic and not flesh.


You wouldn't know it, after all this time, but she's still *alive* "in there". Granted, with so much of her protein content fused into long-chain polymers, her life functions have slowed down to 1/600th their normal pace.

It might take a *couple* of years before she lives through the passing of one *day*, biologically.

It's a good thing there's no signs of consciousness there, is there?


One hour. One coherent thought. That day. Her mind. Asked...

"Oh. Hell. I've. Been. Made. Plastic. Like. In. Those. Internet. Stories. Couldn't. They. At. Least. Have. Lifted. My. Tush. A. Little. Damned. Bit. Here.??"

[ends long caption]

--Bradley Poe ^_^