Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the russian latex doll - frolovasasha

thanks to The Thin Man for sending me the link to the myspace The Facehunter Show Moscow - Part 2 that has a segment on electro pop artist frolovasasha.  i had written about earlier here. the video is about a range of "cool people" and "cool subjects" and she appears at about the 5:42 min mark where she's dressing in that amazing costume of hers.

the costume itself is very similar too ones made by a japanese design couple as well as a guy in London who gets photographed at Torture Garden pretty regularly according to my source. wether either or neither of them were involved in her costumes is still open for debate. i wonder how many she has and how long they last?

The Facehunter Show Moscow - Part 2

here's another youtube video of her band playing. love the poodle dancers!

and she does have her own youtube channel so do visit that and check it out. comment too! performances and her sculptural inflatable art is very curious and right out of a horror film.

with such a high doll like persona profile i wonder how long it will be before she's playing in fetish clubs - skin two ball maybe? or maybe thats not of an interest too her and she's more of a mainstream artists making use of fetish imagery. and by being so public in her full on fetishistic persona;  just how much of an impact is she having creating more doll fetishists?

i feel an interview coming on ;-)



Anonymous said...

My God. The hair alone is enough to get me to write a story based on her.


Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of that suit! Incredible :P

Anonymous said...

I have wondered on occasion what on earth she pumps into the suit for that hairdo.... ^_^

"Let this be a lesson to you young whipper-snappers! If you huff too mucha that helium gas from them thar balloons, *This* could happen!"

*lol* I can just imagine it too, though I'm not *that much* of an old fart around here...

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe

AussieBoy. said...

Well it appears Erolatex have something to do with it maybe? Just look at the animated image up top of their site here:



Anonymous said...


I'm the guy from london. Have a look at my stuf. www.myspace.com/redlatex