Saturday, August 16, 2008

she also has very good taste in images

last week i revisited The Queen Thrall's very intimate and revealing blog and was surprised by two big treats.

the first is There's something about Somnambulent Brides entry which features a piece of personal early writing and the second is that she's been busy combing the various public image galleries like modelmayhem and making her own little galleries of evocative and perverse imagery.

these are The Ecstasy of Surrender and the sequel The Ecstasy of Surrender II which has a definite ASFR tone too the collection.

any one of her choices could be the starting point for a juicy fetish story. some look like they were already referenced for her existing stories.

do visit her blog, do comment and leave her some feedback as blogging can be a very very lonely pursuit with only the hit counter letting you know anyone has been listening.


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