Saturday, August 16, 2008

i've kept it a secret for a month...

...well only from the blog readers as i've been telling everyone in second life and some of my friends on yahoo.

and what's that you ask? its only two weeks to go so i figure i might as well share the news... and its very very good news indeed. :-)

so here it is: i have been offered a custom (actually they only do custom work so thats kinda a moot point) - latex mannequin suit!!!

i sent in the measurements to Fantastic Rubber and sadly they are currently understaffed due to vacations and an illness - but they said they would have it for me for the end of August. which is coming up very fast indeed.

so i wished i would have one and its coming true! how amazing is that?

they are also taking on board the suggestions i had made in my original post and by email too.

as it takes two people to get into the face entry one - the neck entry is the option i went for. the hood could be worn first with a slight collar that sits under the full outfit. too make it more interesting the collar could have a hidden area for a strip of plastic or a tube that could be locked on. so once i'm in it, the discreet plastic tube is inserted like a thin soft collar and then locked at the front or back.

oh and my obsession runs so deep that i am considering tracking down a real female mannequin i like and get its face duplicated by a plastic vacume process...

i'll do a big update once it arrives and have had a chance to try it on. in the meantime you can get one yourself direct from Fantastic Rubber. do let me know if you do and which department store window you can be found in.



sweatylatex said...

This is great news and i look forward to reading your reports, hopefully with pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats an amazing stroke of fortune! I am very happy for you!

From experience I know that there must be a compromise between the smooth seamless image and ease of access. If a garment is really difficult to get into (as in this case) I bet that you would be wishing for a shoulder zip or something else so that you could wear it more often!

Delta Quintessa said...

Fantastic news! It is an item I'd want myself, if I had the money and the time/privacy to enjoy it. (cries)

SanderO said...

It's quite thin latex, stretchy, but not compressive like standard latex. It feels the same to the touch, looks the same too.

It's delicate. Be careful.

alphaxanon said...

From what I've seen FR make the tightest fitting catsuits anywhere! Should be fun! Definitely keep us posted on when it shows up.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I like the look of the suit, but...

--It's clear the woman wearing the suit has to wear a pad, for bathroom purposes. Ehh...I'd rather there be a crotch-flap or something so the person can take care of that and not ruin the look. It can be fairly discreet if it's not used as an entry point.

--And with latex that thin, I have to wonder how well the "doll joint" areas would hold up. It occurs to me that with an outfit that thin, for example, if one did it in say, pink, and then did the classic "doll crotch" hip joints seen on some Mattel toys, that the joint lines could become a significant wear point.

Still, this type of suit can make things more accessible in terms of a lot of things--cost, compression, etc. If only the wearer has help getting in the thing "gently". ^_^

Just my humble two cents,

--Bradley Poe (who thinks a perfect doll suit would have to be in three pieces--the hood with clear, heart-shaped face goes on first, then the tights over the feet and legs, with the crotch flap and a high waist, then the leotard over the top, with a zip crotch, to cover the neck, shoulders, torso and arms. But hey, what do I know?)

Peter said...

some things about the suit...

with a turtleneck the entry in the suit is not difficult, my wife need only 2 minutes with a little oel. It goes much easier than with any zip at the back or at the shoulder.
Only with the hood attached, she needs a little help.

It is from 0.25mm standard-latex (Radical Rubber / Libidex) and the seams are glued on the outside.

In the crotch there is a zip for bathroom purposes or any other fun :-) and the modell wears a string over it, so it isn't visible at all.

Last weekend we produce a videoclip that shows my wife and a friend when the put the suits on. It will be shown at my website


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extra info Peter, please let us know when the clip is up! I am sure that it will be amazing!

sick puppy said...


Anonymous said...

will you be getting lifecast for the mask?