Tuesday, August 26, 2008

of course i'd need a matching catsuit...

i saw these shoes when i was randomly clicking on an ebay promotional category and just went OMG i need them!!! then i saw the price tag of 695$ and decided against it for awhile till i was rich and famous.

feel free to look at the various styles here and there's even a video about them.

for those that don't read the trashy celeb expose mags (which btw i don't either and i barely watch the news) these are the Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' stiletto heels which have a 120mm / 5 inch heel as favoured by Gwen Stefani. i read the python ones are highly sought after too.

they are also noted for a crimson red leather sole which is becoming iconic in itself; so much so that other designers are using the same red for their products. in this case a limited edition Lancome lipstick will be available in November this year as reported by WendyB here. 

hmmm wonders if Radical Rubber does a close match and if my next pair of skinny jeans should be made in it?

Women: officially shoe mad
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

One in 10 women has spent more than £1,000 on their foot fetish. Furthermore, one in 10 own more than 100 pairs. Whilst three quarters admit that even if their shoes are too small, they still slip them on.

And nearly 10 percent of women would consider having surgery on their feet.

The survey was conducted by Harper's Bazaar magazine, involving 1,000 readers.

Editor Lucy Yeomans, who owns 40 pairs herself, said: 'I have a serious shoe habit of my own.

'Heels have a seriously addictive and seductive quality,' she continued, 'Shoes have a Cinderella-like transformative effect unlike that of any other fashion item.

be sure to check out the enlightening footnotes to the article...

meanwhile the UK's Daily Mail recently reported The return of killer heels and seems that starlet Gwyneth Paltrow is leading the way with the sharpest of heels.

for those on a budget, you may start with a simple functional reminder of the heels you want to be wearing with one of these

now i hadn't given up total hope and was wondering what variations there were on the classic stiletto. as i've said before in a much much earlier entry; when i was introduced and pushed along into heel training by kinky authoress TSG, i started with 4 inch heels and boots. 

at some point i ended up with a bit extra one month and went a bit mad and purchased a pair of 5 inch strap shoes to train in, then a pair of court shoes in 5, 5 1/2 and 6 inches. the later two sizes basically sit in the closet and tempt me to try them on.

i've sufficiently altered the arch of my foot that i can easily walk in 5" strap shoes as they're basically my day to day wear until i found the cork wedges which are great for summer and provide a much wider base. then the 5" 1/2s i can walk in but not terribly well. however the 5" 1/2 inch Oxfords provide much more all around support so i can easily last four to five hours in those without having to take them off. 4"s to recap are like flats to me so i simply don't wear them.

i did try the 5" 1/2s plain court shoes on monday night and i didn't last too long in them to be honest. i'm going to remeasure the cork wedges to make sure they're 5"s.

the 6"s are well impossible to stand in and i can barely get my toes bent backward enough to fit into the front toe part. really my foot would be vertical in them or very close to vertical which means my toes need to bend back at least 90 degrees to get into them. still i try.

so when trying to kill some time in the office (as you do) i decided to look around the other ebays in europe to see if there's other styles of stilettos and low and behold i saw these which are suspisciously similar to the Pigalles which are on the right of the photo.

needless to say i am now waiting for them to arrive from the UK.



Roen said...

It's good to hear that you're still going at it with your heel training. I'll keep my eyes open for any 5 to 5 1/2 inch heels that I may find on my travels thru the interwebs and will pass them on to you if I find any.

Asudem Latex said...

They arrived today!!!

Wow and are they slick and lovely. I tried them on just now and i will need considerable balance and practice to wear them anywhere for any length of time.

While they're not any higher than my standard back court shoes with 5" 1/2 inch heel, they have a much smaller toe area and sharper heel resulting in less surface are that meets the ground...

Maybe i need ballet lessons?


WendyB said...

Wow, those are amazing shoes. I admit I've gotten lazy and am now far more likely to wear wedges than real heels.