Thursday, August 07, 2008

latex leggings go with heels..

is what the message is in this commercial. thanks to Brad for mentioning it in comments and Kinky Gerlinky forums for having a link posted.

or am i just looking at the advert in totally the wrong way?



Anonymous said...

Yep, that's it! ^_^

What surprises me is that the leggings stayed so glossy for the shoot, didn't fall apart or anything dumb.

And you can spot a *texture* on the puppies, so it's not the real thing. Custom fit maybe? Or CGI editing of real latex to "tone it down"? *lol*

Gotta wonder. Oh, the still image ad is for "Skechers"--no T--shoes. That would be the one with the teen starlet and her purple leggings...

Hope this helps,

--Bradley Poe

alphaxanon said...

The leggings look like the stretch PVC type that are called "latex" by Kova and T and American Apparel. Nice to see someone dancing in something shiny though.

Anonymous said...

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