Friday, August 15, 2008

a video tour of...

...Libdex's shop in Covent Garden - 'Liberation'

thanks to blackice for the link to his video.

he said in the email that its just a "test edit" of some sample footage for a future film tour which they're still discussing. looks great too me - can't wait to get over to London!



blackice said...

Hi Asudem

Thanks for getting that up. More people see it the more chance of 'Stage 2' going ahead.

Admittedly the shop contents have changed around considerably and they no longer make Raw Rubber now, though the location is still the same.

Gives you an idea anyway. And I figured you'd like the mannequins in latex.


blackice said...

Thanks again for getting it up.

Already the hits/views on it are 1,152 for only a couple of days being up.

Should be a considerable number accumulated by the time Simon's back from holiday.

All adds to the position of doing something more elaborate.

Oh and I've added 5 videos from the Dresden Dolls show at Cargo in London to my youtube account.