Friday, August 15, 2008

maybe two times? or more?

it's totally news to me but maybe some readers can post what they know. it seems my counter may not be counting too well.

apparently there's software or something that hides ones tracks when looking and material they don't want to be found out about.

my estimated 2,000 hits a day may in fact be twice that at 4,000 or maybe even more?



alphaxanon said...

I seriously doubt that many people are using tracker-befuddling software. It's news to me too, and even after I've heard about it, I can't be arsed enough to even consider installing something that dodgy.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to have a setup that fuddles trackers - there are anonymizing services available.

Their effect is in large part dependent upon how your tracker counts the number of times that your site is used.

Most trackers that I have seen count individual IP addresses. A proxy server can make it seem as if hundreds of requests are all coming from the same address - when really, many computers are using the proxy. Also, many companies have only a small, limited range of IP addresses, and use address translation, so that a small range of IP addresses services a much larger number of computers. These are both very legitimate usage cases. They can also be used for nefarious reasons, of course, but I tend to doubt that tracker-befuddling is one of those reasons.

Hope this helps,