Sunday, August 03, 2008

those 60's boots: part one

one site i revisit pretty regularly is the pop up loaded Cuissardes 1968; a comprehensive collection of media featuring fashion magazine scans and film video grabs of 60's thigh boots along with occasional news of contemporary designers.

sadly still no sightings of Acquo boots but i'll keep checking.

its full of great 60's fashion nostalgia and i keep wondering where all these boots went? i check on ebay when i remember and sometimes spot them but thats very infrequently. is there really good vintage clothing shops i'm totally unaware of? there's mention of a less expensive french chain of clothing shops called Andre that made thigh boots in the late 60's who just recently as 2003/4 made them again. so are there do they appear on or are they tucked away in some shops still?

meanwhile to show how ubiquitous the knee high go-go boots were back then here's an advert of British 60's singer Lulu advertising a couple pairs of shoes and loads of boots.

the boots were only 6£!!!

there's a film mention on the Cuissardes site called 'manon'70' which i'd love too see as it features a lot of retro future fashions and of course thigh boots too not to mention Catherine Deneuve and a soundtrack by Serge Gainsbourg. the photo on top of the page is from the film.



Anonymous said...


This is pushing the outer limits of my own memory--I was a really young kid back in the late 60s, early 70s--but I do vaguely recall lots of "pleather" and something called "naugahyde", and not just in the context of furniture or purses.

Meaning? There may have been *tons* of tall boots around, but the quality might not have been the best. You've seen firsthand and heard how it is, Asudem, the Faux-Latex and Faux-Leather look may sell, but unless both the backing material and the topcoat of vinyl are *THICK*, the stuff just doesn't wear well. It tends to fall apart easily.

And that's with the leggings made here and now. I can't imagine too many 60s vintage tall boots surviving some 40, going on 50 years in someone's closet.

I know, it sucks. Like I said, on some issues we were once so far ahead of the game, and now we're stuck having to remember and *relearn* how things go again, and not just on kinky stuff.

We once knew more about how to do zero-emissions vehicles too, and are having to relearn and refine knowledge of batteries and fuel cells too. But I digress...

Point is, we spent a large chunk of the 1980s and 1990s getting *dumber*, I'm sad to say...and I include myself in that statement too.

Just saying....

--Bradley Poe (who has some *diverse* interests and hobbies, even if some are a bit retro)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I actually like a lot the black coat/jacket she wears on the first photo at the beginning of your post ! It surprises me. I was born in 78 and never have been interested in old fashion. Tanks for bringing that to my attention :).