Monday, August 04, 2008

from a plain model to plastic perfect barbie

a great find Javier - its a promo video for an issue launch of a style magazine.

seems its not that hard to become barbie as i thought it might be. still the extra effort of photoshop takes her firmly into the realm of barbie.

wonder how much it would cost to get that done for a night out?



sylvrgirl said...

I wonder if there are any stills from that video? It is a remarkable transform even before the PSing. I was looking for the point where the hair extensions are added, but I missed it.

Pretty much any make-up artist can give you the Barbie look for about $50-80; the hair is what will kick it in the teeth.

Anonymous said...

I think the hair was added during the "messy part" of the teasing stage, where it was all over the place.


Still, this is pretty damned kewl. She was about 95% there pre-Photoshop, although I would have chosen a different picture to work with. But hey....

Only in France, huh?

But yeah, the only questions left at that point are:

--Does she get her doll joint-lines done in henna or tattooed?

--Does she get to act like herself, or will she get a bit more giggly/spacey? Just to be cute. ^_^ And...

--Will she get equally tweaked from the shoulders down? As in, the extra cleavage, tiny waist, tall heels, etc.?

*lol* Riiight. ^_^ Never happen.

Just, FUN video!

--Bradley Poe (who knows a few ladies are jealous right now)

Asudem Latex said...

you know i have played with henna and it great on the dry thick parts of your skin. just feet and hands really.

doing joints and other detailing simply didn't take at all. i tried a few times.

still that didn't stop me from putting something on the sole of my foot a few times..

oh and it lasts about 3-5 weeks....


Anonymous said...

any chance of getting more stills from this video, close t the end you see her posing for shots, do these exist?, I'd love to see more photos of this model like barbie