Sunday, August 24, 2008

stay in those high heels!

Flats are Bad For You according to a short little article on the UK PopSugar site. that didn't stop inventors coming up with a disposable pair of ballet flats at nightclubs:

Rollasoles hit UK nightclubs
By Rebecca Pukiello
Newsbeat Reporter

Girls, you know the feeling, you've worn your best heels, danced the night away and been left with very tired and sore feet.

But one company believes they have the answer. Vending machines selling a fold up ballet style shoe are being rolled out across the country to soothe those sore heels.

Alongside condoms and cigarettes, Rollasoles, which cost a fiver, are being tested out in clubs in the UK and could be heading to Ibiza, New York and Melbourne.

So how does it compare to other options and will anyone buy it?

Rollasole creator Matt Horan from Bristol believes the fold out shoes are a great way for girls to take the strain off their feet at the end of the night.

He told Newsbeat: "You put five quid in to the machine - break open the miniature shoe box and out rolls the ballet pumps.
continues here

the one obvious solution was the adjustable heel court shoe which was promised by insurance company Shelia Wheels which i had reported on when they first were announced. photo's of the Sheila Driving Heel along with a bit more information is in the link.

very curiously after a fair bit of googling i didn't find anywhere to buy these heels. its been over a year now so they should be for sale somewhere.

nope, nada, nothing and zilch.

i've come to the conclusion that it was a stunningly successful media virus for the insurance company. pitty.



blackice said...


I remember Anita Rodderick of Body Shop fame helping a young entrepreneur develop something pretty similar but all the heels were modular and came in a small seperate carrying case.

No idea what happened to that one, however I can tell you where the cure for cancer and HIV went. ;-)


Anonymous said...

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