Saturday, February 11, 2006

Anime dolls...

another image that was emailed in. is it part of a series or a one off? looks very nice and is the frount page to this yahoo group which i had totally missed;

seems that japan is the place to be if your into any of this stuff or a least they're very open about it compared to here in the usa.

any anime experts know of any doll related series or OVA's? please send any links and info in.



FetishTom said...

I'll see if I can dig up the URL for you, but it is a drawing out of a small set, that seems to be related to a story no automatic translator can make since of (wind something mansion).

The site is linked from that group under the Japanese sub-section.

FetishTom said...

Oh yeah, if you mean anime directly related doll transformation, I believe some later Ranma 1/2 episodes have a doll form/curse.

There's also entire series dedicated to following an automaton (often times magical) girl around. Steel Angle Kurmi comes to mind in that category.

Asudem Latex said...

could you please get the url? i have a friend who is an egl and will ask her for a translation.

not seen Steel Angel but didn't Vampire Princess have something like that in it too?


FetishTom said...

Main page:

Pics with captions(gallery section is the second link from the bottom of the first list):

I can't seem to find the story I believe is linked to those drawings, hopefully your EGL friend can help with that. Definately post the translations if you can!

userjesse said...

Believe I have around 10 or more good pics from Rozen Maiden, anime about doll girls...
(they have very nice doll joint seams) Altho I have never actually seen any episodes personally.

Would be happy to send them to your email, but I don't see it posted.


Asudem Latex said...

email is

i really need to edit the profile better and those links on the side but all this blogging is new to me.

see how long it took to get a counter working?


blackice said...

I had a friend in Japan have a look at the webpages and he said:

Ok, this is a blog/dairy of various events and
incidents. Not interesting of itself as it's mostly in
narrative form and speaking about the writer in 3rd
person. Comes off rather like a bit obssessive,
it's all in burrikospeak-using the feminine forms of
literary expression and atashi instead of watashi and
the longer endings.

The 3 drawings are by Yukipon and the text is also in burrikospeak but it basically says

This CG drawing was given to me by Yukipon and is of Patricia the ballerina doll. She strikes a chord in my heart and dreams that I can't begin to express.

Anonymous said...

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