Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Models as Dolls, Photographers as Doll Makers

its just an idea that was mentioned to me in email recently, but i've been thinking about it, rolling it over in my mind and such and it's basically that models are treated in the same way as dolls and in some respects the photographers are the ones who get to play with them.

there's probably various shades of this from strictly professional photographer model relation to those who have their own personal muse who they cohabit with. bet there's lots of those espcially in the fetish scene. i'd imagine that some photo sessions could be very much if not exactly like playing with your own doll.

watch Fashion Television or any of those model competition shows with Tara Banks and see if you agree.

as a vague offering of evidence check out the work of Helmet Newton, who shot for Vogue and a range of top fashion magazines for litterly decades. one of my favourite shots of his is use on the above book.

so whose kinky now?



h0les said...

yummy dolls, glad you have updated.

How about a doll in the making?


WinterRose said...

I'd quite have to agree. At Art school, I'd find myself in the stacks of Fashion Photography references looking for doll & robot-ish material from back in the day to scan in computer labs.

Asudem Latex said...

did you do any scans of those? is there a site i should know of where they're all kept?