Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finding good source for inspiration....

so if your in north america like most of us, where do you get all the cool EGL stuff from japan? one place i've ordered from in the past is Jlist. they have fast and friendly staff on email and options for slow or fast post which does make a difference considering the japanese magazines makes our books look bad. that and they're heavy too.

here's some of the current titles I just found with images from the jlist site above. note the titles chane so the one I have a couple of issues of I can't seem to find any more. subscriptions are also possible.

SS049   Gothic Lolita Bible vol. 19
PB883   Gothic Lolita Bible vol. 18
PB661   Gothic & Lolita Hair Make Bible
PB958   Kera Maniax vol. 5
PB663   Kera Maniax vol. 2
PB404   Gothic Lolita Fashion Maniac ~ Lolita Isho Doraku
PB935   Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Book F&W 2005

url is of course www.jlist.com


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