Friday, February 17, 2006

there's videos too!!!

for those of you who have discovered the joys of zentai suits and wonder if there's anything besides lots of images out there - the answer is yes and unsuprisingly its all japanese.

this site sells dvds made from tapes etc so you can see what people (japanese people precisely) get up too in these amazing suits. a lot of rubbing is the answer of course and also dressing up as anime dolls made fabric with cool masks.

not that i actually want to see power rangers having sex, but the entire area of kigurumi is worth a look.

there's free video clips on the site too. but i still massively recommend you get your collective asses onto ebay or where-ever else and get a zentai suit - you won't be disappointed.



Terence Liu said...

OMG...this is a dream coming true for me. The sample files are unbelieveable. I think i'll get the dvds.

Asudem Latex said...

and get a zentai suit or two - it would be cheaper!!!!



Terence Liu said...

I have several zentai suits already...I want more latex catsuits ...but good ones are so expensive.