Saturday, February 25, 2006

Doll makers have contacted me....

i've had a few doll makers of a hypnotic persuasion contact me in the last couple of weeks via im and also by email.

the proof as they say is in the pudding....

only one so far has gone into _any_ detail of the process and offered up a history of his experience along with some contacts with successes. i'm chasing those now and really hope to hear back from them so they can detail how and whats happened to them.

the person in question is the writer of the famous (or infamous) 'barbie' script and co-moderator of the yahoo group dollcollective; brad poe.

i did have a go with the script last fall, read it for a couple of times a day for two weeks straight and nothing. think these things don't work on me so going to find a local actual real life hypnotherapist and see if they can evoke a change.

meanwhile if anyone wants to have a go with him he can be contacted on yahoo im: B_Poe_2001 or email:

please post replies if you've had any experience good or bad with the script and here's a very long 5 year list of dollies and what happend with them......

(names and yahoo id's have been compressed for privacy reasons)

Shortend name -Month/year:

BS2Y: first contact about 10/2001, didn't have a full script going at the moment, just a very generic "plastic doll" script, plain transformation with a single countdown trigger designed to program someone for a lasting shift to doll mode.

HYK: I think--first contact about 12/2001, used a variant of the early simple prototype generic doll script that I had used on HYK, to much the same effect...heard back from her once on how "freaky" it had been to be stuck in plastic mode, then lost touch.

TBS: first contact about 3/2002, she came to a Yahoo Group I was a member of at the moment, doing research on the "doll fetish" and wanting to know more since she was curious and wanted to be a living doll. Started working on my first official Barbie scripts with her.

MRS: first contact about 5/2002, I approached her with the idea of trying my Barbie material on a second person, it worked for her, but she had no time for online play as such, was too busy with work. We test the trance material a couple of times, but she and I went our separate ways shortly after the first week we tried things.

TST --first contact about 5/2002, didn't like Messenger but was one of my first ladies I had entranced on the phone. She was very enthusiastic at first, to the point of wanting to meet offline, but she wanted my pictures first. Like an idiot, I sent them. Shortly after she got them, she severed all ties and wiped this particular Identity of hers from the Net.

CPA--first contact about 6/2002. Very good subject, almost too good, tended to be totally "gone" in doll mode, to the point that there was no trace of the woman to be found or struggle against the trance to be had (both turn-offs to me, I like a bit more awareness in my lady dolls). Was also really flaky in my schedule...and I was a God-awful obnoxious jerk about it. This in time led to a Massive ethical fuck-up on my part which led to a voluntary exile from the Web for a year, among other things.

SKK 6/2002 -another of my women that I worked with over the phone. If I recall correctly, she had a bit of a swoony thing over vinyl baby dolls. I did one trance session with her, spoke with her a couple of times afterward, and then we lost touch. Then we had contact again, and I gave her a copy of my Barbie material, and after a bit of dabbling in it lost touch again. I may be off in my recall of this one though.

BA; 8/2002, another of my ladies I had worked with over the phone...she was my last subject pre-exile I believe. We maintained some email contact after my screw up, but frankly I had been out of touch too long due to my own errors. By the time I got fully back on the Web and ready to resume activity at a more controlled, ethical pace, she had already *been married* and committed herself to a mundane vanilla lifestyle. Though she does look back on our time fondly, she doesn't want to play anymore.

N2R --first trance attempts about 8/2003, this was the first time I had tried to a) create a love-doll only version of the doll script, b) go heavier on the latexy elements, and c) base an email reader off a live IM session. It worked out just fine, she's a good subject, but...she parted ways eventually because she wanted something "more freakish" and more extreme.

BJJ - 10/2003 second substantial trance attempt with the lovedoll-only material, my biggest success *and* also failure. She had asked me for an early edit of my material that didn't include an endgame trigger...she said she was going to add one of her own, so like a putz I gave her the early edit. End result--the stuff worked too well, and she got stuck in a moderate perma-trance for two months at least. Meaning not only did she not add that endgame trigger, she saw fit to read SEVEN days a week or more, which made things happen way WAY too quickly for her to recover from. I had to email her friends and work out an intervention to eventually deprogram her and seal her from the material...currently she is back in school and no longer plays. This difficulty eventually led me to retire my love-doll only material.

T7J --first contact about 6/2003 in email, platonic basis, first trance attempt in about 9/2003. At first she wanted the copy of my lovedoll-only script, as she was already a bit of a latex and bondage person and wanted to take it that one step further....but early on I was *way* reluctant to even start getting involved with online trancing again, so I spent a few months *longer* than usual getting to know the girl, which would have its rewards later on when I had to switch her over from the Bubbles (lovedoll) material to Barbie (mainstream doll) material. Currently has limited net access though.... much to my dismay, she's a good girl. :X

SSS, different one--first contact about 7/2003, she was also another recipient of the Bubbles script, liked it, was my first attempt to create time- and context- limited triggers, which worked out fairly well. Wanted more out of online play though so we parted ways in a friendly way.

PGKS --first contact about 10/2003, last one before I retired the lovedoll material. The lovedoll stuff didn't *work* with I switched her to the Barbie stuff, waited for a month for her to get her reads in....tested the stuff. It worked, but she didn't like it...did not like the freeze trigger in particular, and was more of a bimbo fetishist besides. And wanted more real-life-body-mod fantasies going on, so she says she went on to a "sugar daddy" who is "using plastic surgery" to mold her, but some of the stuff she says isn't credible.

SS2BH -- first contact about 3/2004. Tried using the Barbie material with her, and it worked. Problem is, she was one of those women who liked to be treated *roughly* and more like a thing than what I am used to...I was too nice to her, and not what she was looking for.

BRM--first contact, about 4/2004. Sent her the material, never got the chance to test it, and she has a real attitude problem with folks who aren't rich or perfect besides. :(

DXD--first contact about 6/2004. Sent her the material, she went under but lightly, but also turned out to be a fairly compliant roleplayer and so had me fooled the first time...second and subsequent times were less than successful, though she really gets the bimbo side of being a Barbie doll, maybe too well.

LNLT --had first email contact about 6/2004, took about two months to get her to try trancing material, we rather fought tooth and nail over some details--to the point of her taking a few months off to get the triggers out of her system so she could edit the stuff to her liking herself when I wouldn't--but in the end she is one of my most loyal long-term dollies and is in fact my current masterpiece. She is currently at work making her own living dollies, creating a Collection/Secret Society of Living My Scene Barbies, among other things. ;)

PD69 --another lady doll from Texas, 7/2004, I sent her a copy of my material but she never used it--not her turn-on, she'd rather become the doll first, then experience *coming back to life* and becoming real again as the erotic transformation. We parted on friendly ways.

SSS wouldn't tell me more, 7/2004--I sent her a copy but she never used it, she got into everything else BUT the idea of becoming living Plastic, she just couldn't imagine how that would work.

COK -about 9/2004, though trancing didn't start until later in the year. This was one of my first successful transgendered dolls. Trouble was, COK also had an online mistress who got really jealous of the Barbie stuff, and essentially pushed poor COK into an abreaction, turning her off to trance for life. Also...COK wants to be a *real* woman, not a doll, big difference. We still got along last time we spoke.

CAC -about 10/2004, tried the Barbie stuff, liked it but it interfered with her studies a bit so she dropped it. She tried it a bit and got her fill...we parted on friendly ways. :)

TTK, in the UK--about 11/2004, one of my first UK ladies, liked the material. I experimented with her a little bit, seeing how much *long term*, semi-permanent week-to-week programming I could get away with. I had her hair, wardrobe, and speech tweaked quite a bit....problem was, she loved writing erotic stories at her Yahoo Group, which she couldn't coherently do in Doll Speech, so eventually after 2 months of steady dollification, she had her boyfriend "f--k it out of her". She still liked what we did though...just thought I went over the edge. ;)

UDS --about 1/2005, another one of my early UK dolls, one of the first ones I tried my latest Barbi3 script on--likely the one you've been reading and NOT trancing to. My apologies for it being not as effective as the mainstream version 2.0 script. She couldn't do messenger, but we were in daily and frequent email contact until about 6/2005, at which point work caught up with her in terms of activity and she sort of disappeared. Haven't heard one word from her since in spite of repeated emails and IMs. Pity that as she seems to take well to being a pretty object.

NAG -about 8/2005, my second transgendered dolly, I had to wait until summer's end and school's return to get to trancing. Person has a custom edit of the Barbie script, stripped of all long-term effects and also tweaked to turn the subject into a Kigurumi/Anime dolly.

MQS -about 9/2005, another UK dolly...she is a good trance subject, and tends to get really stuck in Barbie mode while wearing a corset, but....she is mildly manic-depressive, which makes for some unpredictable situations. She resumed her studies at University about 1/2006 and hasn't looked back much since (lack of Messenger).

MP -about 9/2005, my best UK dolly really, she really REALLY wants to be a Barbie, has gone to the point of radically changing her hair and wardrobe, wears high heels and a corset daily, is more or less perma-tranced as Barbie (to no ill effects, she still functions at work and such) and is converting her room-mate and dress-up pal R---, turning her into a Barbie as well...have lost contact with them recently.

CMK --about 11/2005, my first EGL/china dolly. Cute to absurd extremes, her only flaws as a living dolly are a) she's a bit paranoid about the potential of creeping dollness (from frequent trancing) interfering with her studies, and b) she is addicted to *live* sessions and refuses to consider using a reader, which is more work and MUCH less fun for me (esp. since I have to keep the play platonic since she is a lesbian, and closeted, so keep that one quiet please, PLEASE).

LBLL -about 11/2005, was going to be M--'s EGL partner in dollness, but had an evangelical freakout, got paranoid and *assumed* M-- was "gay" in spite of my being utterly discreet about things. :( M-- just about had kittens and killed me on this one.

LRHA --another EGL/Prim Dolly protege of M--'s, we are going more slowly with her to avoid making mistakes again. First contact about 12/2005.



Bradley said...

Hello again Asudem, thanks so much for tweaking the list slightly, I do appreciate your work on my behalf. :) And someone has already contacted me wanting dollification (um, a male, and I am not sure how to be polite about it...) though I may or may not pursue it. And I have been sprinkling comments throughout your older updates, so you never know where I will pop up.

(ok, maybe you do, I will likely show up anywhere the ladies are cute, shiny and/or more dollified than humanly I am predictable in my old-fart-hood, you would be too if you had been at it as long as I have without *any* real-time-face-to-face success)

pyewacket said...

-tis not as easy as clicking your fingers.

i found this story most interesting and combined with other ideas on Asudems blog,umm..well theres no words to describe the excitement...i was made to practice self hypnosis at the age of eight to curb my speach impediment.
Ive bveen studying Butoh (a japanese dance form) now for eight years.Some of which includes entering into 'trance' like states of mind and 'becoming' and not mearly acting.I have been working for two years in 'Corporeal Mime' studing movement down to very fine detail (in crude form people use it for Robotic performance).Ive been a Life Model for years, perfecting the art, not JUST 'staying still'.
Ive had a fetish for dolls all my life...then, i came accross the dollification dream via www,
Its all falling into place!My next mission...who to be?,what to do? Zentai costuming is most appealing,but how to ever make or buy a suit??Even latex is beyond my buget.
For a start Im getting togeather a performance giving homage to The Radiator girl from 'Erasure Head' and to play her part.She is VERY Doll like and will be alot of fun.
Thanks all you Doll'ers out there for the inspiration and ideas!

Asudem Latex said...

pyewacket - zentai suits are really cheap on ebay if you get the ones from the far east. i do really recommend getting one.


conscious_object said...

So that silly old Brad Poe finally found you, huh? ;-)

Amusing to see myself show up on a list like that, hehe...I'm not going to openly say which one I am here, but if you want to chat some, my addy is just my nick above, at yahoo dot com (I've sent you an email previously). :-)

Anonymous said...

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