Thursday, February 23, 2006

The lost doll....

i've had a couple of stories from a couple of different people in the last few weeks about a woman they knew online who was very much into dolling. she might of been a freeze model too and she got so good at it she could stay motionless for hours and had been practicing for years and years, building up the amount of time she could stand perfectly still.

her boyfriend supported her in her fetish and acutally encouraged her to the point that he had a special display box made that she could stand and pose in.

what else was involved - clothing wise, corsets, heels etc i just don't know.

then about a year ago:

"I got a message saying she wouldn't be communicating anymore by email, that she was shutting down her account because she wasn't that person any longer, and then she was gone."

anyone know this person? what happend to her? or interacted with her when she was still around?

we all want to know.


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