Monday, February 27, 2006

Anime Mannequins?

this link for a japanese mannequin company was sent to me by lovely living doll Rina Katase.

they have a variety of different styles with one set with very much anime eyes and heads sizing.

have browse and enjoy.



Bradley said...

Lovely, lovely....I keep wanting to ask where you find this stuff but I realize it is more like, where do *we* find this stuff? I need to get out more and do more for the community I guess...

And anything that raises the dolly meme in the consciousness of humankind is a good thing...maybe if we get the whole *world* fixated on being living anime dollies we will be too busy being *played* with to make war, wreck the world, etc....*maybe*.

Of course some would argue it is only a matter of time, that the whole anime look is the future of human evolution--assuming we can stick around that long of course. ;) But your mileage may vary...

Rina Katase said...

Thank you for introducing my site, Asudem Latex! ;)

I appriciate your way to a living doll.

Please keep on your works.

Rina Katase

Anonymous said...

Here's another company, and one of their mannequin lines in particular: