Friday, February 03, 2006

My first coating of lycra - OMG, OMG and....


My zentai suit (light pink) finally arrived from the far east. I should of paid airmail (most of the sellers from their charge alot for postage) if I had known just how good it was going to be rather than wait as long as I did for surface.

Not just wearing it and feeling oneself totally coated head to toe in silky smooth fabric but also the look in the mirror and see yourself transformed so utterly.

All of a sudden you are no longer you - just a pink smooth fabric doll...

If you have _any_ inclinations this way at all and are just not reading this blog for the pretty pictures I recommend you get onto ebay and get something similiar ASAP.

You won't regret it. :-)



FetishTom said...

That does look cool, I may just have to pick up a couple. There's some really cool ones on ebay, I had thought they just came in flesh colors until now, but there's quite a few colors, some even metalic!

Can you see out without cutting eyeholes?

Gromet said...

I have bought two suits with total coverage, one black and one metalic red. The black one is better because it has an access zipper in front.
Yes I can see out of mine.

I would recommend buying one of these to anyone who likes doll fetish, I can feel like one when I enclose myself in it's grasp.

Asudem Latex said...

yes, you can see out of them but it depends on the material. My pink one reduces my vision about 30-% so still very see-able but don't try to read a newspaper.


Bradley said... only real hesitation with zentai is that whole facelessness thing. Call me old-fashioned but I need my dollies to have *faces*, some sort of reference point...

Don't get me wrong, a well-done mask will do, but don't just leave me with *nothing* to look upon. When I see a faceless doll, I see either a) a doll not ready to be played with, or b) a *broken* dolly.

And I don't like the idea that I am *breaking* someone just to make them a doll, you know? I *do* have a heart I guess...

I know, call me old-school. :P

Gryphon said...

Running through your back entries and I found this.

ZENTAI! These amazing little suits rule all, don't they? I love hearing about people's first experiences with'em-- and sounds like you enjoyed yours just a little. :>

Long time lurker, first time talker. Hope I've got more of value to share with you later than what amounts to basically a "Yeah, totally!"