Sunday, February 19, 2006

doll anime series

for those fans of anime there is a recent series about living dolls called Rozen Maiden. sadly no one gets turned into the dolls and the various dolls are only a couple of feet high. still it's an interesting and well done series.

here's a description from an anime site i use to check on series before parting with any money:

"A very young and spoilt Sakurada Jun has became very bored during the absence of his parents, and despite the loving concerns of his older sister, he stops going to school, stops caring about other people and lives only to surf the internet for mail-order bargains - well, a special bargain box arrived, and it contains a very cute "antique doll", but it was an item that he learns that he could not return, and can not ignore, and that would forever change his life."

worth getting your hands on if you like anime.


ps: thanks JP for sending in the images. not sure where they came from but i can only post a couple due to their definate PG 18 ratings.


userjesse said...

Thanks, sorry about the other more adult pics of them...I know I have to have a few more PG ones somewhere in my HD, will send them if I find them, or other dolly content images.


blackice said...

I have the series on DVD and have watched it on and off. Not sure if I like it or not. Some interesting ideas in it but seems to lack any edge.

Best as a rental vs a buy it.