Saturday, February 11, 2006

more high heels all the time

i have a couple of online friends that love high heels to the point where they wear them all the time. if you do this and not wear any lower ones then your tendons actually shrink to the point that you can _never_ wear flats again.

they've done this and have gone past the point of no return and are stuck in a minimum of 4 inch heels wether they are sandles, wedges or boots.

i hear it can take 4 - 8 months of constant wearing and at some point in that period your body changes and you are trapped in high heels. sounds like a plot of a fetish story but its true.

for some reason i find this very arousing, kinda like a trap you wish to never escape from. a constant physical reminder of being changed....

i think if i started down this route it develop into an all encompasing obession which would result in higher and higher heels, corsetting down to wasp waist and who knows what else. maybe tattoo'd permenant makeup or shaving my head so i would have to wear wigs. i'd better for now keep to my doll and latex fantasies...

and if your looking to stay in your heals then check out this story about special exercise courses in NYC.


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