Sunday, February 19, 2006

if people were anime characters?

most of these just gross me out, but some work really well.

cool photoshoping none the less. go have a look.



Terence Liu said...

I dont know....:S

pyewacket said...

make your links clikable-its easy with blogger-
save us the 15 seconds of copie/paste!

Asudem Latex said...



Bradley said...

Hi, I know this is an older update but it is new to me. :) And I have bookmarked the contest linkage for regular visiting. I LOVE some of the better images (weird part is, a buddy of mine in Tokyo was kind enough to show me a pic of Ms. Ayumi--the girl shown in the Blog pic--and she already looks like a manga-aniime girl come to life, her eyes just need to be a *little* bit bigger. *lol*

Now....if only I could actually make real people this cute in real reality, like for real even. :D