Saturday, February 25, 2006

Permanent jewelry....

i was pretty surprised to see this advert in POP magazine (seems to be alot of dollishness in the current issue) for a locking bracelet from Cartier. seems pretty kinky for a major brand name.

then i had a look around and found some other sites - mainly german apparently - for similiar types of ideas.

i like the flat and discreet locks the most but they really could use some much sexier shots. i've seen toilet paper get more sexy photo's taken.

the term being used by umm.... some 'subcultures' is to be 'collared' by your mistress or master and is an act and a public sign of total submission too them. it has certian appeal...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wear a modified version (machined down to 8mm wide, does not scare the 'nillas ;-)) of that top bracelet.

My girlfriend once wore a 20mm wide polished version too for about 8 months solid, very sexy :-)

Sadly she wont wear a collar, and i get serious grief when i mention that i want one!