Friday, February 24, 2006

It can be ordered in bulk.....

anyone remember silly putty? it's still very much out there. in search of a syntheric rubber 60 years ago it was an accidental discovery and is still going strong as a kids toy.

it had a weird beige/tans flesh colour too it and stretched like rubber. besides me, did anyone try and make it as thin as possible and wrap it around your hand and then wonder what it would be like to be totally coated in it???

well you can buy it in bulk in 5lbs blobs.

or if your good at cooking and like a mess, how about to making your own:

it was possibly my first idea of being rubber or a mannequin and certianly a good idea for a kinky photoshoot if there's any image makers reading this.



blackice said...

Hey - that would make a good idea for a photo shoot. some sort of alien goo coming out and transforming people into dolls.

One trick i've discovered allows me to combine photo's really easily- used for spfx in films. I'll add that as something I'd like to shoot.

Space girls in retro 50's styling is next btw.


bohoki said...

silly putty isnt sticky enough it will sag away from your body