Monday, February 06, 2006

Missing..... presumed crashed?

popular zentai site with an active posting community has died, crashed or something bad computer-ish related which essentially means people can't use it anymore.

its a pitty as it had a good selection of webfind photo's, user photo's and also an excellent place to go to find out more about coating yourself in fabric. its one place I visited and read alot on the subject before I ordered mine off ebay.

the site was also noted for its mix of straigh males and females as well as gay men without any judging - if only the world was so open minded.

if anyone knows what happened or is happening with the site please post or email me.



FetishTom said...

It seems doesn't have it indexed, so we can't even look at the contents before the crash. No idea what happened to it.

jay ay gay: WTF are you mad about?

WileCoyote said...

That's a creepy idea for a website...
Dunno how I've been on the internet and never seen that one before. I'll have to visit it more often :)

Websites dissappear all the time, it's a fact. Kind of sucks sometimes, but hopefully it will be back up soon.

Lucita said...

it's sad that site is gone :(

most everyone who posted there is slowly moving over to at least most of the people who've known about it.

Lui said...

Hi :)
Saddly, Suya-zentaï's webmasters (Suya and XiaoAn) have been absent since July 2005. We doesn't know why, but hope that it's not because of the Chinese government. So we doesn't really know what happened ;(
And as Lucita said, we're all moving over