Saturday, February 11, 2006

EGL comes to France?

while checking the other doll link i found another french site that had a different ones, but what i found more interesting was the rated sales of various categories of toys and costumes.

the one that came top when i looked yesterday was the 'Dorothy Outfit' - almost a EGL but pitty about the nylon content.
Dorothy outfit
Quality : Brand/Editor : Leg Avenue
Price : 64,90 €

A sexy outfit for playing at Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz!
This outfit includes: a small blue flared dress, over a pretty lace petticoat and white stockings, decorated with blue bows in the same fabric as the dress. The dress is pulled in around the waist, and sown to a white top with short puff-sleeves. Irresistibly naughty attire!
100% Nylon


still its a start and she is pretty cute in it.


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