Friday, February 17, 2006

Yes, but has it worked on anyone you know?

so i've been thinking about hypnosis again, well actually fantasing really. all the possibilities that can be done to make me a doll and especially since while i can wear i latex panties all day and all night, i still can't sleep in them.

the idea that i've always played with in my fevered imaginings is a being hypnotised to think and feel that i am all latex. a latex dolly.... or have i said all this already?

does anyone have any experience with this? does it work? how does it work? can it be done by YIM?

if you've successfullt gone under and explored any fetish can you please email me or post so i know whats the best route to explore this fixation?



WinterRose said...

You may want to investigate the 'Virtual Hypnotist' program a little more thoroughly. If you've played with that at all, or made any headway as a hypnotic subject, you may want to take advantage of some of one feature that can connect people by way of YIM to conduct a hypnotic session. As well, there are Virtual Hypnotist versions of Brad Poe's infamous 'Barbie' script out there. I confess, I'm working on my own take on the dolly conversion script myself. Places you may want to investigate include:

The Doll Collective
Brad Poe's group dedicated to the art of mental dollification.

Virtual Hypnotist
A Yahoo Group dedicated to the Virtual Hypnotist Program.

Hypnotic Wordz
A Yahoo Group dedicated to producing scripts for the Virtual Hypnotist Program.

These would be excellent places to start making inquiries as to possibly dollifying someone. If you're interested in having someone actually READ the the scripts you find or make to you, instead of a SAPI4 or 5 voice synthesizer... feel free to contact me. We'll discuss.

Asudem Latex said...

i have a mac so can't use the V PC app i'm afraid.

what i'm really after is anyone who has had experience and how they came out the other end.


WinterRose said...

Hmm... Brad Poe may need to put you in touch with one of his dollies to see how she might describe it to you. Being poor enough to have no latex clothes, or any of the dolly trappings, I have to settle for the self hypnosis route. I'd say I lightly achieved the mindstate a time or two.

How was it? I was so happy, my smile wouldn't go away even if it wasn't molded that way. At least I half believe I believed that. Enough to still be actively pursuing the self-experimentation. Looking at forms... Super-realistic masks that I may never be able to afford on a whim. And fantasizing deeply.

I certainly didn't expect it to resonate with me as deeply as it did. But OH did it. If it's a state you can achieve even lightly, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Asudem Latex said...

thanks for the suggestion - love to hear from anyone first hand but rare on IM so get whomever to email me and also visit my blog of course.

you should really try a zentai suit, they're relatively cheap on ebay and does make covert you in a very curious way.

so how long did it take to get into the hypnotic state and is it easy now? are there any triggers to make you dolly?

please share for all. and if you write it up in detial i'll post it as an entry


WinterRose said...

A zentai suit.... I think I MIGHT be able to get such a thing going.... I should see. Perhaps a shiny fleshtoned unitard of spandex or lycra, my industrial backbrace to take in my middle a little in the absence of an actual CORSET. The breasts? That might be an achievably artificial feeling thing by way of a couple of foam rubber balls about the chest. In the absence of getting hideously expensive forms or a chestpiece like the one you see at THIS image link:

Oddly enough, this company is in my town of Charlotte NC. Now ask me how many times I've sent them a resume to work for em? *^_^*

A mask? I imagine that'd be the most EXPENSIVE part. That and a requisite pageboy wig. It's an odd thing really. i never really considered myself THAT transgendered. Oh there's plenty of TG stories on my drive. But there's no real urge to do myself up like a girl.

But like a DOLL? Or a robot? That's very different indeed! I wish I could sign up for it somewhere and be paid to do it. Hypnozonk myself out of my gourd and live in dolly space professionally. You'd think SOMEONE with the means and the will would hire someone like me for the job. Or the both of us for that matter.

How long does it take? I'd say about 15 minutes in, I'll go into a light trance. I tend to not use inductions that use a trigger and drop me straight away. I rather find myself thrilled by the induction as well. Actual memory becomes indistinct whilst there. More like how you remember things in reverie or a daydream, which isn't that far removed from what the actual state is like. I have been to a hypnotherapist in the past. I've practiced as a subject for the last 5 years at least, off and on, leaving subliminal flashers on underneath my operating system work when I could spare the CPU cycles.

I've had an experience in a fetishy-stage hypno show for things where you're brought up and taken down several times to deepen the trance. I've seen the video of it, and the exotic lap dance I gave the audience on stage as a result. Who knew I could move that way?? I always had the idea the limit of my dancing ability was an artful stagger and a gothy 'clearing the cobwebs' thing. In any case, triggers and trigger touches have been known to work on me in the past.

My own trigger now? Well, posting triggers publically on the internet is a bad idea for ANYONE they work well on. My own is in the realm of a self induced thing. The choice and the trigger has to be something I say. Tho the trigger to bring me back up is always, "I want to be myself again." and of course, "It's time to be yourself again." for any playmate.

How easy is it for me to go under? The effectiveness of the SAPI voices for Virtual Hypnotist can be called mixed with me. I've considered doing an audio-version of my own edit on the Poe induction to listen to looped while I sleep. (I do rather a convincing female voice, and am mistaken for a woman frequently on the phone. My higher baritone/tenor voice seems to bring a contralto to mind.)

However... when I trigger myself... I do feel I go partway into trance. I feel that thickness in my limbs. If I can make myself cooperate, I'll feel that doll-ish smile tug the corners of my mouth into that happy mold once more. It's something that takes a little more effort with me than it might with your actual XX Chrom-bearing woman cos there's the awareness of my physicality to shift. Tho with continued practice... I want to imagine I've imagined the weight of plastic breasts on my chest. Or the ghost of a vaginal opening just under my own privates. Tho this may be more detailed than you may have wanted to hear.

I'm using the first part of my own inductions instead of the Poe Script adaptation nowadays. Working more on the pure physical transformation first than any actual behaviour or mental modification. (Speech, movement, relative IQ, obedience, arousal.) Tho I do link pleasure with the change to encourage the change. IE:

The more you change, the faster and more complete your transformation becomes.
The faster and more complete the transformation becomes, the better and sexier it feels.
The better and sexier you feel, the more you change...

And so-on and so on.

The actual dressing up however might help tip the balance in favor of a greater mental acceptance. I'd have to see. I've got all KINDS of ideas I'd like to try. Those japanese super-realistic masks that look a bit like a realdoll mask. (Imagine something like an Anna-Mae mask?) Audio-Hypnotic induction via a device called a Neurophone, which produces the sensation of the audio not coming from without, but from WITHIN your head via electrode pads against the skin.


Asudem Latex said...

WOW!!! thanks for sharing.

and if you do have a publicly releasable hypno file please send it over.