Monday, February 06, 2006

one and a two.... and counting

as you all know I'm new to this entire blogging thing but I think its going well and I'll keep at it with regular updates.

please don't be shy and email me any thoughts, scans, links or whatever. or if your registered you can simply post comments on the end of the entry you like.

one thing I've been wondering is - am I talking to myself? so i finally sussed out how to add a basic counter.

so its a counting as of now.


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WileCoyote said...

That's pretty much the curse of any blog, you post and you post and people just prefer to read over commenting.

I myself was just too lazy to get an account on yet another blogging website, but here I am now.

I stopped posting on my blog for over a month thinking no one was reading, then the emails started coming in wondering if I was dead. :)

People read, people appreciate what you do. Just would be nice if they said something every once in a while...