Saturday, February 18, 2006

latex 23/7 by someone who has done it..

go check out and read it from the start. there's also a section with replies on

she's managed to dress in rubber from head to toe for more than 13 months and has only stopped in the last week due to loss of her maid who did all the dressing and cleaning. seems being latex fulltime is high very maintenance.

from my periodic readings she had a latex catsuit and gloves along with a hood that covered her completely, then sometimes latex dresses. going out she wore (even when traveling by air) a burqa which is worn middle eastern woman with just a eye slits.

there's an indept interview with her here with photos:

a quote from the most recent entry;

"The feelings of latex gliding over me, whether at the mall beneath my burqa, a home beneath my dresses or in bed benath my sheets always arouses and excites me. There is, of course, a sexual component to that, but more, thee is an anticipation of the great 'drifting off' sensation that I get when latex finally swallows me from my feet to my chin, then my face, then my whole head. I suspect that only those of us into total enclosure can really understand this sensation of surrendering our identities to the rubber as it seems to crawl all over us and we wish it could flow into our orifices and slide down our throats."

pretty well sums of my lust for being converted into a latex doll....



Terence Liu said...

I talk to her online several times a week; she's a very intelligent lady with lots of knowledge behind her. She used to teach at her university and still help out parttime.

Asudem Latex said...

ok- can you ask her how she gets on with the sleeping problem? and also direct her here of course.



Gill Latex said...

It is divine being in my latex cat suit, completly covered except for eye holes, nose slits and mouth. The most i have ever managed is a couple of hours. Must try more.

Terence Liu said...

Sure, let me invite her here. Are you on yahoo messanger? I can give you her ID.