Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dreams and fantasy to an actual reality....?

i watched 'What the Bleep' last night and there was a segment on an experiment that caught my imagination which i think might be able to make use of in a different form.

essentially it was on reducing crime in DC with participants wishing/thinking about lowering it. seems for the target month it worked and crime was down 30% over all the other months that year. other similiar experiments were done on remote healing without the sick persons knowledge and that too recorded a noticable effect.

so... and its a _big_ so.... maybe it can be used on me?

with 10,000+ hits and about 400 visitors a day there's a large group of people looking and thinking about this fetish of mine.

the experiment;

everytime you look at the blog think of me as being coated in slick, shiny, tight and smooth latex. that my skin has actually become latex and that i can feel it and see it.

i figure best to start small... and i'll report back if and when i notice anything...


ps; keep it to my discription above. just skin to latex with no colour change please. lets get one aspect working before adding too much


userjesse said...

*Thinks of you being coated in slick, shiny, tight and smooth latex. that your skin has actually become latex and that you can feel it and see it.*


Bradley said...

Count me in. :) One thing though, is that we may wish to agree on a color or something, so that we don't end up canceling out each other's goodwill that way.

Right now, I am seeing you covered head to toe in clear latex, with a slight pink/rose tint. :) I prefer it to the old-school common colors of latex, and this way, when the change hits it will be subtle enough that if you have to deal with people post-change, you'll still be passably human.

One question: Hair? So far I am seeing it short so it fits under a hood, but if you really wanted to get metamorphic, we could always try the rubber/plastic one-piece hairdo bit.

WinterRose said...

Done and done. ^_^

pyewacket said...

thats frekin bleep!- i made refrence to that movie in MY blog exactly the same day!(water,water...)
I guess Doll people are connected in some mystical way.
...been thinkin' hard for you!

About making your links clickable:
*'copy' the url from the site you want
*on Blogger,and 'make new post'... write in a WORD you want the link to be and highlight it(left clik &drag)
*see that funny monster thing after
'b', the 'I' and before the add picture icon?the green thing?,well clik that and 'paste' in the url
*press ok ,and there you have it!

Asudem Latex said...

pyewacket thanks - but that doesn't work on my old mac.


blackice said...

there's a book called 'the Field' thats worth a look as it deals specifically with group reality shifting effects. Check it out.

On a tagent but related note have a look for a book called 'The Science of the Craft' which if written in an annoying way, does match up quantum effects with ritual magic.