Thursday, February 16, 2006

Betty Page on the big screen

if you were unware of this dynamic 50's icon - shame on you - but now anyone can catch up with the Bettie Page story thanks to a new feature film about her life.

looking at the trailer it seems to have embraced the look and feel of the time in its colour schemes and cinematrography. they look pretty damn close too all the shots i've seen and have collected of her off he net and in books too. the actress who plays here makes a good Betty and from what little i've seen pulls it off.

the question that comes to mind is what made her an icon and IMHO is that she did all the fetish and bd stuff decades before anyone else and actually embraced it with glee. but we'll know more when the film comes out.

then the next q is - whose today's modern bettie page, a woman who is deep in subculture and embracing it for all the world too see. maybe shunned as weird or perverse at the time she'll be looked back as a leading light....



WinterRose said...

Well... the woman who seems to be currently trying to embrace the legacy of Bettie Page might be Marylin Manson's Fetishy Bride to be, Dita Van Teese. (Whom you've devoted a post in a doll suit to before.) Most of her bondage shoots seem to embrace that hairstyle and feeling of Bettie's era, if not an earlier time. I might not even need to tell ya this. But if you're looking for today's Bettie Page, you can't go much righter than Miss Dita.

Asudem Latex said...

yes, she's very cute, but she's looking back and not forward.