Tuesday, June 27, 2006


the counter hit 101,000 hits sometime today and now almost 100 higher. and i thought no one would read my little blog and have any interest in my personal fetish - looks like i was wrong.

several months on and i'm wearing my latex panties almost without a matter of throught, they're just my new wardrobe, likewise with the 4" heeled boots. they're almost part of me now.

i've now have my latex body and i'm on my third full day of having that on. progress is slow but it is progress.

the daily email encouragement and support from a certian fiction writer certianly has helped alot. and now thats she's on a long vacation its slower going.

meanwhile my feet and legs are definately changing, arches are _way_ more pronounced, i tip toe around when not wearing some type of heel and i sleep in a ballet stance with toes pointed down. i'm not sure how long will it take till i'm forever in heels but i think it will be sooner than later.

the knot spell i keep at. after all i have a very large spool of deep emerald green ribbon to work through. it does help i think, sort of encourages and pulls me when energy is down. just that extra little push like an espresso in the morning to get me into my latex and heels. i do hope people are still reading it and thinking of me.

where i'll be in a year or another 100,000 hits? i can't really say... but i'll definately be more of a latex dolly in body and in mind....

..hee hee.. ;-)



Scope said...

Very cool blog you got... with all those iNtErEsTiNg dolls! Hahahaha...

nikki said...

I think you may have also inspired some people by your writings :)

pyewacket said...

Is it thy will thy image should keep open heavy plastic eyelids to the weary night?

to play the Doll ever for thy sake
for thee to watch, we, whilst thou dost wake elsewhere-from we far off, with others , near.