Friday, June 09, 2006

more on the book....

much better scans of a feature article on the book in DPI magazine (Designer magazine in Taiwan). The pics are of Natori Satio's masks.

The air mailing fee from Taipei to both the US and the UK is the same at each book is 15 US dollars for airmail. The book itself is 12.5 US dollars ( 399 Taiwan dollars).The total is 27.5 US dollars in each book.

The best way at the moment is to send the cash in US dollars by cash in an envelope wrapped safely. Keep the postal receipt, and scan it, then email it to He will send the books as soon as possible. The process of air mailing is about 1 week.

The address you send the cash to is below the line(also my working studio) :
Sean H. Shiao
2F., No.23, Lane 78, Huaide St.
Beitou District
Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The book is now only published in Chinese texts. 288 pages. But only sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong.The book is focus on female mask fetish, also many other desires, such as latex, furvert, ponyplay, robot, doll, breath control, necro...Last month, the book was selected as the focus of the month by Eslite Bookstore, the biggest bookstore in Taiwan. Now i have the plan to translate it into English. ( If time and money allows me to do that)


lets hope he can do an english edition and maybe even a mention for my blog ;-)


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