Friday, June 30, 2006

different styles of hypnosis?

i was reading on some site somewhere that there are different styles of hypnosis and wondering if part of my problem is down to attempting to work with ones that are suited to me.

thank you James for making an effort again.

like brads it was of a specific type with direct commands.

what i think i need is something that has no real overt direct command in it, but more of a slowly created rich visual space with things sort of happening to me. then sneak in the commands.

a link to a simple hypnosis test can be found here.

anyone doing any form of hypnosis at all?



Bradley said...

Well, since my name came up...

I have been doing some research into hypnosis for some time (it has been a hobby of mine on and off since childhood, really, though I didn't have any success with it until a few years ago). And to my best knowledge (do correct me if I am wrong, please, I can take positive criticism), there are at least *eight* different broad types of hypnosis.

Those types, in order of how long they've been officially "around" as kinds of mesemerism/hypnosis:

--repeat and relax....I admit this is my biggest falw here, that I stick so much to the most straightforward and commonplace method of inducing trance known to man. The one alluded to in that "You are getting sleeeeepy..." Stereotype. *lol* :)

But it has its advantages. It is simple, straight-forward, not rocket science at all and fairly high percentage with most folks. All you do is find ways to directly insist on someone being relaxed and suggestible, and repeat that information until the mind gives in from saturation.

--Memory flooding. This is based on the understanding that the average short-term memory in people can only hold (give or take one item), about seven items or classes of items at once. Overload that and with many folks you can induce a hypnotic trance. This is usually done by way of a narrative, by telling a *story* that uses so many details, so many raw *adverbs and adjectives* that the critical, uptight mind just goes silent.

--Redirection and Exhaustion of Lines of Sight. Your classic "keep your eye on the watch" method, the idea is that since many people think visually, and that the mind has an eye of its own, that well, the eye should likely have a *mind* of its own as well, meaning you can use some simple visual tricks to induce trance.

A common modern trick is to take a brightly colored post-it-note, stick it to a fairly blank, clean wall at slightly higher than standing or seated eye level, and simply tell yourself, over and over again, "Look at the note on the wall, keep looking at the note as you breathe in, breathe out, let each breath release more and more tension and worry and excess thought...and when the note on the wall falls down, so to will all the tension and worry and excess thought fall away from you, as the note falls away from sight, leaving you relaxed and focused."

Or some such. ;)

--Controlling autonomic relaxation. Breathing. Using progressive or fractional relaxation, where you tense up a hand, then let it go, then your elbow, then your shoulder, etc., to relax your whole arm.

A more pronounced form of this is referred to as kinesthetic hypnosis and basically uses active movement, like running or exercise, or even something like walking about in high heels and focusing on how the click-click changes how your legs feel as you walk, to create a relaxed state by getting your mind *more in your body* and inside you as opposed to being outwardly focused and in reality...

--A variation of this is also known as Rhythmic Hypnosis, in that it focuses on hitting a certain number of beats per minute in an attempt to synchronize brain waves or brain states to an external clock or metronome.

--Then there are Paraliminals, or what is also generically called Wordplay Hypnosis. This is where your NLP, Whisper tracks, and other near-subliminal Jedi Word Tricks come into play. They work generally by using ambiguities in speech to implant ideas into a mind in a manner that exploits certain common innate suggestibilities courtesy of the way thoughts normally process *out-of-context* information. They generally work quite well when they find an unsuspecting subject but fail miserably in the light of awareness--leading to a certain built-in obsolescence of all these copyrighted, trademarked methods.

--Interrupt and/or Confusion methods. These methods are more common amongst stage hypnotists, who don't have a lot of time to work and do their thing. What this usually entails is *starting* to induce trance by one of the above methods, usually a narrative, and then just when you *begin* to get someone going, you *interrupt* usually a) redirecting the line of sight, b) changing your tone of voice dramatically, and c) introducing something utterly unrelated and nonsensical even. The *idea* here is to induce confusion, and create a window of about 30 seconds wherein you can deepen an induced trance. For confident and smooth talkers only. ;)

And finally, the eighth method is to use a narrative, not just to flood short-term memory with details, but to also *convince* a mind to attain a trance state through reason. People do this all the time in a mundane, healthy way when they read a good book and lose track of time...or when they hear an inspiring speech and are roused to action or otherwise persuaded. Think of it as persuasion deconstructed through a Cognitive Behavioral Lens.

And please note, a *good* hypnotist is going to at least *try* to combine three or four of the above methods, throwing as many inductions at the wall as possible to see if *anything* sticks. This is a necessity as even the highest percentage single technique only works 30% of the time on random people, and 50% of the time on those who are pre-screened to have the desire and the ability to go under to a given suggestion. Anything to get the odds of a trance above those of a coin toss, you know?

(and yes, there are other ways to control and brainwash the human mind...these ones above refer to the healthy, sustainable ways used by consenting adults, ok?)

Dan said...

bradley, that was an awesome comment.
I saved it to my HD. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi again.... was just reading through your old posts. I'm with a hypno Domme right now. She is an Ericksonian (spelling) therapist, and she is amazing at what she does. Its the most practiced form used by psychatrists no in the U.S.

Its very strange as is relies on connecting to your subconscious through a conversation. The conversation is distracting enough to where she can slip in words in between with out you knowing, until your are under as deep as she wishes you to be.

From that point she creates triggers that alows her to return to that state of mind, or triggers for any orders she might give you whlie your under.

Would love to talk about it some time... was thinking about starting my own journal here on this site now that I found it, just to document and share my expierences.

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